The rules outlined below have been created to help ensure that you and your fellow occupants obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment of staying at Inverloch Surfside.

A copy of these rules can also be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Park Rules (PDF Format)

Ball Games: Ball games are not allowed in the playground area, in or around the amenities block, or within close proximity of a caravan or cabin. Please use the grassed oval area. Basketball must not be played between 9.00PM – 9.00AM

Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters & Rollerblades:

  • Bike helmets are compulsory by law!
  • There must be no wheels ridden in the park from when the street lights come on at dusk, this applies to adults also.
  • No riding to amenities at night.
  • Nor may they be ridden on concrete areas in or around the amenities block, office, or BBQ area.
  • Failure to comply with above will result in immediate confiscation for 24 hours.

Supervision of Children: Parents must be responsible for their children and their actions, and sufficient supervision must be maintained so as to ensure their child’s safety. It is your responsibility not management to look after them and ensure they follow the rules. All children under the age 18 y/o are not to be outside playing or congregating around the park after 10.00pm

Rubbish Skips: Only household rubbish to be placed in skips. Large items to be taken home or to local tip (local tip open Sat, Sun & Mon) Failure to comply will result in additional costs to site holder.

Motor Vehicles: The Park speed limit is strictly 5km/hr – i.e. walking pace.

Pets: No pets are allowed in the Park at any time.

Communal Facilities:

  • Dishes must not be washed in the laundry trough, baths or hand basins.
  • Washing must be promptly removed from the washing machines, dryer or clothesline upon the completion of washing or drying.
  • Wetsuits are not permitted in the amenities block

Principal Site Occupants: Persons under 18 years of age must not be left in charge of a caravan/cabin.


  • Site occupants are responsible for ensuring that all visitors are registered at the office prior to or on arrival.
  • Day visitors that remain beyond 10.00pm will incur an overnight fee.
  • Site occupants are responsible for their visitors’ behaviour.

Noise: Noise should not be excessive at any time and must be kept to a minimum between 10.00pm and 8.00am.


Behaviour:  Offensive, aggressive, or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Fires: Campfires are not permitted in the park.

Selling:  Site holders are required to complete a permission to sell form at the office prior to listing your site for sale. Vans and cabins listed for sale in the park will require an LPG gas pressure test. The pressure test will be arranged by Inverloch Surfside at a cost to the site holder of $99.00. The pressure test must be undertaken, and necessary remedial work (if any) completed, prior to the cabin or caravan being listed for sale.

Maintenance of and Modifications to Caravans/Cabins: Site Occupants may not extend, alter, modify, paint or attach any fixtures to any site or dwelling within Inverloch Surfside without first obtaining written approval from Management.  A Modification Request Form is available for download by clicking on the link below:

Modifications/New Works Approval (in PDF)

Tidiness of Sites:

  • Site Occupants must ensure that their caravan/cabin presents in a neat and tidy manner at all times.
  • Items such as bikes, boards etc may be stored at Site Occupants’ own risk under the caravan/cabin, however these items must not be visible from the road. Anything visible will be assumed to be rubbish and removed by Management.
  • Approved materials to create a screen to hide items are encouraged.
  • At no time are site holders permitted to cut or prune trees or shrubs.

When Site Not in Use:

  • When a site is not being used, all items must be securely put away. Being a coastal area we do experience Gail force winds.
  • One outdoor setting and BBQ may be stacked outside provided they are at the front of the caravan or cabin, and if covered, the cover must neat and of good quality (tarps are not acceptable). Items left in an untidy manner may be removed by Management.
  • Only permanent awnings may be left erected, all temporary shading, metal poles, etc must be taken down prior to departure.
  • Above ground hoses and power leads also must be removed prior to departure

Smoking: All Inverloch Surfside buildings and facilities are smoke free including the amenities block, laundry, BBQ and playground areas. If you choose to smoke in other areas of the Park, please ensure that all cigarette butts are appropriately disposed of.

Gardens: Personal gardens including pot plants are not permitted on sites. Management agrees that trees and gardens enhance the Park, and are committed to improving the Park’s grounds. However it is important to understand that personal gardens are left unattended for long periods, and commonly become malnourished and thus untidy.

Fish Cleaning: Please gut and clean your fish before re-entering the Park – such activity is not permitted within the Park.